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Light Bulb - 40W
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PartSelect Number PS2376034
Manufacturer Part Number 8206232A
This 40w light bulb is a replacement bulb constructed of glass and metal. It is an easy-to-install electrical part which produces 40w of light. If the bulb won't light up then it may be broken and should be replaced. The bulb attaches directly to an appropriate light socket and has a small screw-in base. To access the exterior light bulb, you will need to remove the panel on the bottom of the microwave using a Phillips screwdriver. If your exterior light bulb has not been changed before, it is probably held in place with some silicone. You will need to cut away this silicone to remove the old bulb. If you cannot access the silicone with a utility knife, it can be removed using dental floss. Once the silicone is removed, simply unscrew the old bulb, and replace it with the new one. Be sure to disconnect the power to the microwave before you begin this repair. This light bulb measures about 1 1/8 inches. We do not recommend using a higher-wattage bulb for this appliance, and can only recommend this specific bulb. If fixing the bulb does not solve your microwave light issue, it's possibly a problem with the socket, which means the socket and/or board will need to be replaced. This can be a more dangerous repair, so consult your user manual or a technician before attempting.
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Ceramic Fuse - 20 amp
PartSelect Number PS11747931
Manufacturer Part Number WPM0805101
This ceramic microwave fuse is just over an inch long. It is white in the center, while each end is made of metal. This is a twenty amp fuse.
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Door Interlock Switch Kit
PartSelect Number PS373050
Manufacturer Part Number 4392027
This kit contains 2 switches - 15 Amp - 125/250 Volt with 3/16" terminals.
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  • No heat
  • Won’t turn on
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