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Flat Cab Mounting Bolt
PartSelect Number PS651196
Manufacturer Part Number WB01X10180
This part is the replacement flat cab mounting bolt for your microwave. The bolt is approximately 4 inches long. It is designed to hold the microwave in place in your cabinet. The main reason to replace this bolt, would be if the old bolt is stripped or missing, and the microwave will not stay secure in the cabinet. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer, and it is sold individually.
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PartSelect Number PS250311
Manufacturer Part Number WB4X174
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PartSelect Number PS2369907
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10824
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PartSelect Number PS3503813
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10889
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Screws - Package of 12
PartSelect Number PS234746
Manufacturer Part Number WB1X500D
These are replacement screws designed to fit your range. They are made of metal and are approximately ¼ inch long. They come in a package of 12. These are OEM parts sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Grille Screw
PartSelect Number PS222404
Manufacturer Part Number WB01X10062
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PartSelect Number PS234427
Manufacturer Part Number WB1X1130
Sold Individually.
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PartSelect Number PS234785
Manufacturer Part Number WB1X536
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Top Mounting Holder Nut
PartSelect Number PS222414
Manufacturer Part Number WB01X10071
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PartSelect Number PS222461
Manufacturer Part Number WB01X10124

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