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Light Bulb – Part Number: 6912JB2004M
Light Bulb
PartSelect #: PS3530408
Manufacturer #: 6912JB2004M
  Special Order
FAN ASSEMBLY – Part Number: 5901JA1012B
PartSelect #: PS8747815
Manufacturer #: 5901JA1012B
  In Stock
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Defrost Timer – Part Number: 6914JB2006C
Defrost Timer
PartSelect #: PS3610086
Manufacturer #: 6914JB2006C
  In Stock
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Fan Assembly – Part Number: 5901JA1013A
Fan Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3528667
Manufacturer #: 5901JA1013A
  On Order
AC Motor – Part Number: 4680JB1033B
AC Motor
PartSelect #: PS3523110
Manufacturer #: 4680JB1033B
  On Order
Controller Assembly – Part Number: 6615JB2003F
Controller Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3529336
Manufacturer #: 6615JB2003F
This part is a temperature sensing devise. It senses the rise in evaporator temperature during a defrost cycle and cycles the defrost heater off after all frost is melted. It is calibrated to permit a...
  Special Order
Thermistor,PTC – Part Number: 6748JA3001A
PartSelect #: PS3529504
Manufacturer #: 6748JA3001A
  Special Order
TUBE ASSEMBLY,DRAIN – Part Number: 5251JA3001E
PartSelect #: PS7785436
Manufacturer #: 5251JA3001E
  Special Order
Damper,Motor Support – Part Number: J756-00008B
Damper,Motor Support
PartSelect #: PS3534451
Manufacturer #: J756-00008B
  In Stock
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Damper,Noise – Part Number: 5072JA3003F
PartSelect #: PS3526289
Manufacturer #: 5072JA3003F
  In Stock
Order within the next 7 hrs and your part ships today!
THERMOSTAT – Part Number: 6930JB1007E
PartSelect #: PS3610354
Manufacturer #: 6930JB1007E
  Special Order
Rack – Part Number: J469-00030A
PartSelect #: PS3534436
Manufacturer #: J469-00030A
  Special Order

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Fan Blade Loose
I paid for the expedited shipping and they sent me a cheap knockoff attempt at the part that had the wrong size hole. So they refunded me the money I paid for the part but not the shipping, and then I crushed the part they sent me with a hammer and threw it away.
Parts Used:
  • Kyle from NEW ORLEANS, LA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    More than 2 hours
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