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NLACORNER POST 2000-4000-8000 – Part Number: 51016
NLACORNER POST 2000-4000-8000
This part number matches the current model number 51016
PartSelect #: PS17173715
Manufacturer #: 51016
  No Longer Available
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Basket,Door – Part Number: MAN61844401
PartSelect #: PS3534509
Manufacturer #: MAN61844401
  Special Order
Light Bulb – Part Number: 6912JB2004M
Light Bulb
PartSelect #: PS3530408
Manufacturer #: 6912JB2004M
  Special Order
Hinge Assembly,Lower – Part Number: 4775JA2113A
Hinge Assembly,Lower
PartSelect #: PS3523509
Manufacturer #: 4775JA2113A
  Special Order
CONNECTOR,TUBE – Part Number: 4932JA3002C
PartSelect #: PS3583936
Manufacturer #: 4932JA3002C
  Special Order
Basket,Door – Part Number: MAN61844601
PartSelect #: PS3534510
Manufacturer #: MAN61844601
  Special Order
Gasket Assembly,Door – Part Number: 4987JJ1010L
Gasket Assembly,Door
PartSelect #: PS3525072
Manufacturer #: 4987JJ1010L
  On Order
Ice Maker Assembly,Kit – Part Number: 5989JA1005G
Ice Maker Assembly,Kit
PartSelect #: PS3528732
Manufacturer #: 5989JA1005G
  In Stock
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Controller Assembly – Part Number: 6615JB2002R
Controller Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3529334
Manufacturer #: 6615JB2002R
  Special Order
Evaporator Fan Motor – Part Number: 4681JB1029A
Evaporator Fan Motor
PartSelect #: PS3523328
Manufacturer #: 4681JB1029A
  Special Order
Motor,DC – Part Number: 4681JB1029B
PartSelect #: PS3523329
Manufacturer #: 4681JB1029B
  In Stock
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GUIDE,RAIL – Part Number: 4974JA1064B
PartSelect #: PS3635788
Manufacturer #: 4974JA1064B
  Special Order
Capacitor,Electric Appliance Film,Radial – Part Number: J513-00012P
Capacitor,Electric Appliance Film,Radial
PartSelect #: PS3534439
Manufacturer #: J513-00012P
  Special Order

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Common Symptoms of the 51016

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Door won’t open or close
Fixed by
these parts
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Fixed by
these parts
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Replace Gasket on refrigerator door
The replacement gasket does not have as strong a magnet as the original one. I removed the old one carefully so as not to cause more damage in case I have to put it back. Using Tongue suppressor I pushed new gasket into place and put a thin coating of protelem jelly on the gasket. I just have to make sure the door is closed each time to be sure of good seal.
Parts Used:
Gasket Assembly,Door
  • Curtis from DEMOPOLIS, AL
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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gaskets worn out again
replaced gaskets for the second time in four years
Parts Used:
Gasket Assembly,Door Gasket Assembly,Door
  • Keith from Phoenix, AZ
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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