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Hinge Assembly,Lower – Part Number: 4775JA2113A
Hinge Assembly,Lower
PartSelect #: PS3523509
Manufacturer #: 4775JA2113A
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CONNECTOR,TUBE – Part Number: 4932JA3002C
PartSelect #: PS3583936
Manufacturer #: 4932JA3002C
  Special Order
Basket,Door – Part Number: MAN61844601
PartSelect #: PS3534510
Manufacturer #: MAN61844601
  Special Order
Controller Assembly – Part Number: 6615JB2002R
Controller Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3529334
Manufacturer #: 6615JB2002R
  Special Order
Evaporator Fan Motor – Part Number: 4681JB1029A
Evaporator Fan Motor
PartSelect #: PS3523328
Manufacturer #: 4681JB1029A
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Motor,DC – Part Number: 4681JB1029B
PartSelect #: PS3523329
Manufacturer #: 4681JB1029B
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Capacitor,Electric Appliance Film,Radial – Part Number: J513-00012P
Capacitor,Electric Appliance Film,Radial
PartSelect #: PS3534439
Manufacturer #: J513-00012P
  Special Order
Water Filter with Head Assembly – Part Number: 5231JA2005E
Water Filter with Head Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3591901
Manufacturer #: 5231JA2005E
This filter is good for 300 gallons and it reduces chlorine, taste and odor, sediment and rust. Sold individually.
  Special Order
Defrost Heater Assembly – Part Number: 5300JB1102H
Defrost Heater Assembly
PartSelect #: PS12368650
Manufacturer #: 5300JB1102H
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Door won’t open or close
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