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Splash Guard And Stopper – Part Number: 5304503364
Splash Guard And Stopper
PartSelect #: PS11726510
Manufacturer #: 5304503364
With the splash guard and stopper it is a rubber cover that goes over the sink drain to allow you to put food items or water in to the disposal. This part stops liquids & food particles from splashing...
  No Longer Available
ELBOW – Part Number: 5303014102
PartSelect #: PS453429
Manufacturer #: 5303014102
  No Longer Available
NUT – Part Number: 479C019P01
PartSelect #: PS1456438
Manufacturer #: 479C019P01
  No Longer Available
DISCONTINUED – Part Number: J000252173
PartSelect #: PS854823
Manufacturer #: J000252173
  No Longer Available
DISCONTINUED – Part Number: 5303012864
PartSelect #: PS828267
Manufacturer #: 5303012864
  No Longer Available
SEAL – Part Number: 5303011604
PartSelect #: PS453352
Manufacturer #: 5303011604
  No Longer Available
Slinger – Part Number: 5303014603
PartSelect #: PS453436
Manufacturer #: 5303014603
  Special Order
PLATE – Part Number: 5303015633
PartSelect #: PS453540
Manufacturer #: 5303015633
  No Longer Available
Outlet Gasket – Part Number: 5303012628
Outlet Gasket
PartSelect #: PS453388
Manufacturer #: 5303012628
  Special Order
SEAL – Part Number: 5303013983
PartSelect #: PS453425
Manufacturer #: 5303013983
  No Longer Available
TURNTABLE – Part Number: J000252177
PartSelect #: PS495218
Manufacturer #: J000252177
  No Longer Available
SHELL UPR WHITE – Part Number: 3014669
PartSelect #: PS432595
Manufacturer #: 3014669
  No Longer Available

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old guard was worn out
you guys are sent the perfect replacement part so it pushed right in...
15 seconds...DONE
I bought a generic one on line
wouldn't fit right...nothing but problems
Thanx guys
good luck
good life
Parts Used:
Splash Guard And Stopper
  • frank from ATTLEBORO, MA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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