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Splash Guard And Stopper – Part Number: 5303322507
Splash Guard And Stopper
PartSelect #: PS467579
Manufacturer #: 5303322507
With the splash guard and stopper it is a rubber cover that goes over the sink drain to allow you to put food items or water in to the disposal. This part stops liquids & food particles from splashin...
  No Longer Available
Flat Washer – Part Number: 216495400
Flat Washer
PartSelect #: PS425995
Manufacturer #: 216495400
  Special Order
DRAIN HSG – Part Number: 5303276512
PartSelect #: PS459233
Manufacturer #: 5303276512
  No Longer Available
Gasket – Part Number: 5303012629
PartSelect #: PS453389
Manufacturer #: 5303012629
  Special Order
SEAL – Part Number: 5303011604
PartSelect #: PS453352
Manufacturer #: 5303011604
  No Longer Available
HOPPER – Part Number: 5303012863
PartSelect #: PS453394
Manufacturer #: 5303012863
  No Longer Available
RING – Part Number: 5303013260
PartSelect #: PS453398
Manufacturer #: 5303013260
  No Longer Available
RING-GRIND – Part Number: 5303013803
PartSelect #: PS453414
Manufacturer #: 5303013803
  No Longer Available
SPRING MTR BRUSH – Part Number: 5303014106
PartSelect #: PS453430
Manufacturer #: 5303014106
  No Longer Available
Slinger – Part Number: 5303014603
PartSelect #: PS453436
Manufacturer #: 5303014603
  Special Order
SHELL LOWER Gray – Part Number: 5303015629
PartSelect #: PS453538
Manufacturer #: 5303015629
  No Longer Available
PLATE – Part Number: 5303015633
PartSelect #: PS453540
Manufacturer #: 5303015633
  No Longer Available

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March 17, 2020
How do i unstick or turn the motor to free up the disposal . It hums, then blows the circuit breaker on the unit?
For model number D5500
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Hi Gary, Thank you for your question. To resolve this issue, there is a hole or breaker socket underneath the garbage disposal that you will need to turn back and forth to unjam the flywheel so it can move again. You will need to use an Allen wrench for this repair. We hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day.

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