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Fan Blade – Part Number: NFANJA029WRE0
Fan Blade
PartSelect #: PS12689569
Manufacturer #: NFANJA029WRE0
Fan blade, mag cooling
  No Longer Available
Door Spring – Part Number: MSPRTA084WRE0
Door Spring
PartSelect #: PS12689258
Manufacturer #: MSPRTA084WRE0
Door hook spring
  No Longer Available
Inner door frame – Part Number: FDORFA321WRT0
Inner door frame
PartSelect #: PS12685613
Manufacturer #: FDORFA321WRT0
  No Longer Available
Choke cover – Part Number: GCOVHA390WRF0
Choke cover
PartSelect #: PS12686542
Manufacturer #: GCOVHA390WRF0
  No Longer Available
Door Hook – Part Number: LSTPPA175WRF0
Door Hook
PartSelect #: PS12687570
Manufacturer #: LSTPPA175WRF0
Door hooks (double)
  No Longer Available
Turntable Motor – Part Number: RMOTDA186WRE0
Turntable Motor
PartSelect #: PS12696598
Manufacturer #: RMOTDA186WRE0
Turntable motor
  No Longer Available
Motor, mag fan cooling – Part Number: RMOTEA338WRE0
Motor, mag fan cooling
PartSelect #: PS12698824
Manufacturer #: RMOTEA338WRE0
  No Longer Available
O-ring – Part Number: PPACGA097WRE0
PartSelect #: PS17010503
Manufacturer #: PPACGA097WRE0
  No Longer Available

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wave guide cover was dirty and broken, arcing.
removed old wave guide cover, cleaned out area behind it and all around. Tried to insert new cover, but it was difficult to put into place, so tried to bend it very slightly and it cracked. got it in anyway and microwave is working fine.
Parts Used:
  • Carol from Brooklyn, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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