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Spring – Part Number: MSPRTA187WRE0
PartSelect #: PS12689272
Manufacturer #: MSPRTA187WRE0
Spring, door hook
  No Longer Available
Fan Blade – Part Number: NFANJA029WRE0
Fan Blade
PartSelect #: PS12689569
Manufacturer #: NFANJA029WRE0
Fan blade, mag cooling
  No Longer Available
Glass Tray Support – Part Number: PPACGA084WRF0
Glass Tray Support
PartSelect #: PS12690926
Manufacturer #: PPACGA084WRF0
Turntable support
  No Longer Available
Glass Tray Support – Part Number: FROLPA079WRK0
Glass Tray Support
PartSelect #: PS12681135
Manufacturer #: FROLPA079WRK0
Glass tray roller ring support
  No Longer Available
Lever – Part Number: MLEVPA233WRF0
PartSelect #: PS12684171
Manufacturer #: MLEVPA233WRF0
Door open lever
  No Longer Available
Control power unit (cpu) – Part Number: DPWBFB914WRK0
Control power unit (cpu)
PartSelect #: PS12696357
Manufacturer #: DPWBFB914WRK0
  No Longer Available
Display Board – Part Number: CPWBFA821WRK0
Display Board
PartSelect #: PS12673886
Manufacturer #: CPWBFA821WRK0
LCD display assembly
  No Longer Available
Leveling Leg – Part Number: GLEGPA077WRF0
Leveling Leg
PartSelect #: PS12678337
Manufacturer #: GLEGPA077WRF0
Rear leveling legs
  No Longer Available
Light Lens – Part Number: PSHEPA588WRE0
Light Lens
PartSelect #: PS12680996
Manufacturer #: PSHEPA588WRE0
LED lens for clock
  No Longer Available
Inner door panel – Part Number: GCOVHA405WRF0
Inner door panel
PartSelect #: PS12699181
Manufacturer #: GCOVHA405WRF0
  No Longer Available

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