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Door Hook – Part Number: LSTPPA139WRF0
Door Hook
PartSelect #: PS12659982
Manufacturer #: LSTPPA139WRF0
Latch head hook, double hooks
  No Longer Available
Lever – Part Number: MLEVPA194WRF0
PartSelect #: PS12700465
Manufacturer #: MLEVPA194WRF0
Door open lever
  No Longer Available
Power Cord – Part Number: FACCDA103WREZ
Power Cord
PartSelect #: PS12686718
Manufacturer #: FACCDA103WREZ
Power Supply Cord
  No Longer Available
Control power unit (cpu) – Part Number: DPWBFB914WRK0
Control power unit (cpu)
PartSelect #: PS12696357
Manufacturer #: DPWBFB914WRK0
  No Longer Available
Door Spring – Part Number: MSPRTA084WRE0
Door Spring
PartSelect #: PS12689258
Manufacturer #: MSPRTA084WRE0
Door hook spring
  No Longer Available
Light Lens – Part Number: PSHEPA588WRE0
Light Lens
PartSelect #: PS12680996
Manufacturer #: PSHEPA588WRE0
LED lens for clock
  No Longer Available
Cooling Fan – Part Number: RMOTEA346WRE0
Cooling Fan
PartSelect #: PS12682809
Manufacturer #: RMOTEA346WRE0
Cooling motor
  No Longer Available
Turntable Motor – Part Number: RMOTDA186WRE0
Turntable Motor
PartSelect #: PS12696598
Manufacturer #: RMOTDA186WRE0
Turntable motor
  No Longer Available
O-ring – Part Number: PPACGA097WRE0
PartSelect #: PS17010503
Manufacturer #: PPACGA097WRE0
  No Longer Available

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Our microwave started to arc at times.
The magnetron wave guide had a hole burnt through it, caused by a food particle that was left from a food pop.
It seemed like a serious problem, but is rather common.
Although the sharp Micro wave was not listed on the Part select site, I entered the Model number, it brought up the avaiable parts for it, and was in stock.
Order and delivered with in 7 days very impressive,disconnected powercord, a minute to to pry loose and remove old wave guide, a minute to clean, and 45 seconds to align and install.
Added to my favorites list.
John C
Parts Used:
  • D G John from Seward, AK
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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