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HEATER,RADIATION – Part Number: MEE62385201
PartSelect #: PS7795472
Manufacturer #: MEE62385201
  In Stock
Radiant Heater – Part Number: 5300W1R004A
Radiant Heater
PartSelect #: PS3527756
Manufacturer #: 5300W1R004A
  In Stock
Screw,Tapping – Part Number: 1TTL0402622
PartSelect #: PS3517553
Manufacturer #: 1TTL0402622
  Special Order
PCB Assembly,Interface – Part Number: EBR56867401
PCB Assembly,Interface
PartSelect #: PS3533922
Manufacturer #: EBR56867401
  In Stock
Heater,Radiant – Part Number: 5300W1R007A
PartSelect #: PS3527759
Manufacturer #: 5300W1R007A
  Special Order
Fan Module – Part Number: 5901W1N002A
Fan Module
PartSelect #: PS3528694
Manufacturer #: 5901W1N002A
  Special Order
Connector,Terminal Block – Part Number: 6640000045A
Connector,Terminal Block
PartSelect #: PS3529422
Manufacturer #: 6640000045A
  In Stock
Holder,Wire – Part Number: 4B72510F
PartSelect #: PS3525462
Manufacturer #: 4B72510F
  Special Order
Screw,Taptite – Part Number: 1ATF0502610
PartSelect #: PS3517406
Manufacturer #: 1ATF0502610
  Special Order
Screw,Tapping – Part Number: 1TTL0402418
PartSelect #: PS3517549
Manufacturer #: 1TTL0402418
  Special Order
Screw,Tapping – Part Number: 1TTL0402618
PartSelect #: PS3517552
Manufacturer #: 1TTL0402618
  Special Order
Heater Assembly – Part Number: AEG33897001
Heater Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3532215
Manufacturer #: AEG33897001
  In Stock

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December 28, 2022
Burner with 3 sizes will not go to lower heat level stays on high heat on all 3 sizes
For model number LCE3610SB
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Hello Mike, thank you for your question. Our research indicates the surface burner elements are controlled by Touch control board PS12730260. We hope this helps.

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Common Symptoms of the LCE3610SB

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Element will not heat
Fixed by
these parts
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Hammer 1, Glass range top and heating element 0
Dropped a hammer on the range while removing a ceiling light. Viewed a How-To video on Google. Ordered the needed parts. Followed the steps from the How-To video. Reinstall was a bit tricky by myself - could have used an extra set of hands. I have a few words of caution:
1) Put something between the range top and range - like a sheet or drop cloth - to prevent a dropped screw from falling into a crevice in the stove. I dropped a screw and was unable to retrieve it, even with a magnet.
2) Makes sure you remove all bumpers, screws, clips, etc. from the item being replaced and put them on the new item if the new item does not come with replacement bumpers, screws, etc.
Parts Used:
  • Richard from CHESAPEAKE, VA
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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