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Knob - Stainless Steel – Part Number: AEZ73293801
Knob - Stainless Steel
PartSelect #: PS3639420
Manufacturer #: AEZ73293801
  In Stock
CAP,BURNER – Part Number: MBL61908604
PartSelect #: PS3627296
Manufacturer #: MBL61908604
The burner cap attaches to the top of the burner head and acts like a cover for the burner head. This part helps to protect the burner from spills and helps to even the flame while cooking. The cap is...
  Special Order
VALVE – Part Number: MJX61842214
PartSelect #: PS7796402
Manufacturer #: MJX61842214
  Special Order
Burner – Part Number: MBE61842501
PartSelect #: PS3534637
Manufacturer #: MBE61842501
  Special Order
VALVE – Part Number: MJX61842212
PartSelect #: PS7796400
Manufacturer #: MJX61842212
  No Longer Available
ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY – Part Number: AAA35649102
PartSelect #: PS3636751
Manufacturer #: AAA35649102
  Special Order
GRILLE ASSEMBLY – Part Number: AEB73545701
PartSelect #: PS3639305
Manufacturer #: AEB73545701
  Special Order
Nozzle Assembly,Part – Part Number: EBZ60711301
Nozzle Assembly,Part
PartSelect #: PS3534354
Manufacturer #: EBZ60711301
  Special Order
Nozzle Assembly,Part – Part Number: EBZ60711306
Nozzle Assembly,Part
PartSelect #: PS3534359
Manufacturer #: EBZ60711306
  Special Order
Cap,Part – Part Number: EBZ30887608
PartSelect #: PS3534022
Manufacturer #: EBZ30887608
  Special Order
Burner,Part – Part Number: EBZ30917003
PartSelect #: PS3534027
Manufacturer #: EBZ30917003
  Special Order
Burner,Part – Part Number: EBZ30917007
PartSelect #: PS3534031
Manufacturer #: EBZ30917007
  Special Order

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Original cooktop knobs were cracked
Knobs pull off and on easily without tools. The two new knobs were an exact match for my LG cooktop.
Parts Used:
Knob - Stainless Steel
  • Sara from NOVI, MI
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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